BlackTeam Web v0.3

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BlackTeam Web v0.3

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 22, 2009 4:15 am

Here it is,two days work!

BT WEB v0.3

Web Options:

* Easy Registration
* Easy stats adder
* Easy PK clear
* Full Server PC Status In Web! (NEW)
* GM List
* Online Player List
* Banned Users List
* Top players By resets
* Server Events Times
* Easy ADS Mode (ADS.txt) (NEW)
* New WOODEN skin (NEW)
* 2 side web (NEW)
* Much more Security (NEW)



Download Links:

* BT_WEB_v0.3.rar - :;8618734;/fileinfo.html


* PHP Coding By Extream
* Full Desing By BlackTeam (BlackEye)

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