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Omega-Mu Web 0.1

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 22, 2009 4:16 am

Here It's my first serious work Very Happy

Website Options:
-Change Password
-Forget Password
-Reset Character
-Clear PK Status
-Add Stat Points
-Big Server Information
-Top Players 10 In Index
-Top Guilds 5 In Index
-Online Poll

-Players Top 100
-Devil Square Rankings
-Top Guilds
-Top Killers
-Game Master List


Creator: Heartagram (Empowner)
Lots Of Scripts: [=Master=]
Anti SQL Injection: john_d
================================================== =======

Website Best Viewed In Internet Explorer!!!

This Version no Support MD5 yet.

All Info Is In Readme.html File.

Good Luck Using Omega-Mu Web 0.1

Download: Omega-Mu_Website.rar.html

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