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Sygate Personal Fire Wall

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 22, 2009 4:24 am

Сега ще ви покажа как да си направите сървара защитен от Бластове и т.н. от по лошите хакове следете стъпките.
1. Run all the MuServer programs (all the exes).
2. In Sygate Personal Firewall right click anywhere in Running Applications, select Large Icons, right click and select Block to: MySqlld.exe, Dataserver(s), ExDB, Eventserver, Rankingserver, SQL Server Windows NT and JoinServer.
The ONLY programs you need to allow are: GameServer(s) and Connectserver.exe.

There is no need to do any thing else, the standard setting is alright, the firewall will automaticaly block hack attempts for 600 seconds.

It can be done simple as that.

Така вашият сървар ще бъде защитен.

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