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Full Season1

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 22, 2009 4:23 am

For those who wish to have a bugless Server, we present to you a 1.00.08 BugFree CzF Customized Server. This server is FULL Season 1. There are no Season 2 or Season 3 included in this. Any items outside of Season 1 are not supported and may cause bugs to be implemented back into the system.
These files have been tested thoroughly on a public server.


* None found to this date providing client/main listed below is used and server is properly configured.


* Full Season 1 items and Events
* Devil's Square
* Blood Castle
* Choas Castle
* Deep Loren Invasion
* Golden Mob Invasion
* White Wizard Invasion
* Castle Siege
* Crywolf

Customizations included in .ini:

* Customizable Jewel Prices
* Customizable Excellent Drop Rate
* Customizable Mana Sheild Percentage Rate
* Customizable Jewel Percentage Rates
* Customizable Chaos Machine Rates
* Special Zen Drop Rate
* Special Map Experience Rate
* PK Clear Guard NPC - Speak with PK Clear Guard and you can In-Game Instantly Clear your PK Status for Customized Price
* Golden Archer NPC - Find a Rena/Stone and Speak with Golden Archer to trade for Item that you Specifiy in .ini
* Global Chat Price/Level Set
* InGame Stat Add Configuration
* Lost Castle Event Settings

Configuration Guides:

* Server (Both Router and Non Router) - Configure all IPs, set your Rates/Amounts. Server Config Complete
* Client - Basic Client Configuration (as you would any client), Use any launcher application builder you like

Server File Download Link:


Client Download Links:

rapidshare.com 1.00.08_Customized_Bug_Free_by_CzF.rar

Client with no Sound (80 MB)

These Files are presented as-is with no future Developments planned. There will be no Season 2 or 3 added to these files. For those who wish to use Seasons above and beyond Season 1, it is recommended not to use these files. However if you are looking more for stability versus newer Seasons, than these files are for you. Any coder who wants to modify these files are free to do so, however mind your bugs you add in, and keep all existing credits in files and do not change any .dll or .ini file names. You are free to discuss issues you have here, however keep the thread free from spam and useless posts.

I will update this thread with new mirrors for the client as they come in.

-Thanx CoderzFactory Team

edit: some ppl have problems finding credits in .rar file

credits :
CoderzFactory Team
Primary Coder : eRRoR
Repack of server and client: UnForSaken
Client and Testing: LastLand Mu/UnicorN

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